AA Prideaux Author

This website is the home of her blog, and a source of information on where to buy her books. There are also  details of some of the writers and locations that have inspired her writing, with links to contact pages and information about A A Prideaux.

Here you will find some information about the history of the Prideaux clan, which she has collated over many years from her vast collection of family documents, books and stories. You are more than welcome to use the information, but A A Prideaux would appreciate your acknowledging when doing so, that here was your source. Please note that the work of A A Prideaux is copyrighted to her.
If you wish to discover more detailed information about each Prideaux character, then check through the blogs, or the Prideaux ghost story series written by A A Prideaux.
The latest book, The Complete Prideaux Ghost Stories has been published by Paganus Publishing and brings every member of her Prideaux ancestry to life. This includes their family, friends, houses and connections.