About A A Prideaux

Polridmouth Beach

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A A Prideaux has Cornish and Yorkshire beginnings and currently lives in North Wales following several adventures and moves around the British Isles. Although writing fills up her days, she still spends as much time as possible roaming Cornwall and researching the family history. A A Prideaux has traced her line back almost 1000 years to Paganus Prideaux.
She rides and trains her horses to have a cushy life and ensures her dogs are able to sleep on the sofa watching television as much as possible.

Shudder was published in 2013 and the small market town of Bramley, Leeds was used as the stage setting for the unusual story.

The Specials is a murder mystery and is the first book about the detectives featured in the story. A A Prideaux intends to bring the murder team back to solve further mysteries

The Bishop and the Witch  is about an ancestor of A A Prideaux, and the fictionalised version of a witch trial he was involved in. A A Prideaux is fanatical, almost obsessive about her history and already shares freely much of the information she has discovered about the Prideaux line on her website. Bishop John Prideaux is the star of this full length novel, but other members of her ancestors are having part of their lives told in the short story series about the family currently being published.

The Prideaux Ghost Story series  is a series of 10 books about the Prideaux family, from the year 1040 to 1963.

Nirvana is the first in a series of self help books giving advice and mechanical techniques to improve your life through your imagination.

Tresaith Asylum is a horror story set in the Denbigh Asylum in North Wales. This derelict old hospital building is a magnet for ghost hunters and vandals alike.

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