Collected Prideaux Ghost Stories

Collected Prideaux Ghost Stories is another in the series of Prideaux ghost stories. It follows the book More Prideaux Ghost Stories and precedes A Christmas Story.
Each story features a generation of the family in my line. The people, houses, villages and timelines are correct in each story. Some features of the stories have either been passed down or added by the author with a great deal of poetic licence.

The Starling Tree features John Prideaux. He runs from his birth town of Chudleigh after experiencing the terrible fire which occurred there. His travels take him to Leeds and London and he learns that bad thoughts and deeds do create things which may have affected his life in ways he could not have foretold.
Christmas at the Workhouse features Matthew Prideaux. A life of poverty and death did not stop him educating himself through his own efforts. During his final hours on Christmas Night 1887 he has a conversation with a young school teacher. As she takes notes about conditions in the workhouse she soon learns that not everyone who dies has left the building.
Cherry Ripe features George Herbert Prideaux. A chance meeting with the prison guards who had attended a hanging at Armley Gaol sends George on a path which altered his whole life.