Cornish Prideaux Ghost Stories

Cornish Prideaux Ghost Stories collects weird and wonderful tales featuring the earliest known (currently) members of the Pridias/Prideaux clan.

Each story is semi-legendary but does take place in the villages, towns and churches  described.  They were real people who were born, married and died at the times described and took part in the events described.
What makes these stories different is the paranormal involvement and the  strange happenings which shaped their lives and those of their descendants.

Blood of the Lyon Men features Paganus de Pridias, Lord of Pridias and the story covers the death of his father Richard and the means by which his mother, Jehanne and his wife Tristen, both pure Melusine women, discover his murderer.

The Pattern of One features Richard de Pridias and follows his dealings with Ordagar, the ruthless Prior of Tywardreath and the resulting tragedy which occurs.

The Bridge of Incidents features Baldwin de Pridias. His story is about the bridge he built at Ponts Mill and the unusual guardians of the hermitage and the Pridias lands.

The Hanged Man features Nicholas de Pridias and his family and the strange events which occur in the woods and the chapel one stormy day.

The Jousting Lords features Richard de Pridias and his twin brother Herden. The story takes us to France and the Tournament circuit there and then brings us back to Cornwall where there is a most unusual event.

The Priestess features another Richard de Pridias and his meetings with a magical Priestess and the interactions with his sons, who believe he may be suffering from senile decay.

I Am Rich features Geoffrey de Pridias who is trying to find the secret documents his dead father Richard, has left for him in a secret place. His determination not to let the documents fall into the wrong hands leads him to a terrifying meeting he did not expect.

Cornish Prideaux Ghost Stories is available  via all good booksellers.
ISBN: 978-0-9954609-5-9