Devon Prideaux Ghost Stories

Devon Prideaux Ghost Stories is one of the books in the series of the Pridias/Prideaux family throughout the centuries.

Devon Prideaux Ghost Stories is one of the books in the series of the Pridias/Prideaux family throughout the centuries. Other titles are Cornish Prideaux Ghost Stories, Collected Prideaux Ghost Stories, A Ghost Story, A Christmas Story, More Prideaux Ghost Stories, Further Prideaux Ghost Stories and Prideaux Ghost Stories.

The Sheriff of Devon features Roger de Pridias, and the story introduces the Mothecombe Coven where his wife is a senior member. A talisman owned by Edmund, Earl of Cornwall is brought to the temple in Mothecombe woods for verification.

The Mothecombe Coven features Peter de Pridias and his rediscovery of the book written by his Cornish ancestor Richard de Pridias. He discovers how powerful and influential his parents are in the County and the coven.

Ice Day at Sequers Bridge features Sir Roger de Pridias. His story is about an very unusual occurrence with a huge flying metal carriage which abducts Sir Roger and some other locals during the coldest Winter on record.

Big, Black Rats features Sir John de Pridias and his family and the battle they had with the large rats which roam the lands and begin to attack people and animals.

Ghost Ship features Giles Prideaux and his meetings with Geoffrey Chaucer and John Hawley at Dartmouth where they discuss the recent ghost ship sightings.

Burial Ground features Sir John Prideaux and his visit to an ancient copse on his land. There he is forced to see the ghosts from his past.

It is difficult to recognise a Ghost features William Prideaux and his jealousy of his wife’s relationship with their friend William Woolacombe and its tragic outcome.

The Terror of the Thunderstorm features John Prideaux and the unusual and terrible storms which are frightening the residents and killing some of them.

Devon Prideaux Ghost Stories collects weird and wonderful tales featuring the earliest known (currently) members of the Pridias/Prideaux clan.

Each story is semi-legendary but does take place in the villages, towns and churches  described.  They were real people who were born, married and died at the times described and took part in the events described.
What makes these stories different is the paranormal involvement and the  strange happenings which shaped their lives and those of their descendants.

Devon Prideaux Ghost Stories is available  via all good booksellers.
ISBN: 978-0-9954609-7-3