A Ghost Story

John Prideaux (1505-1568) lived in Stowford and had a wife and two children. He had lots of friends and great connections and lived in one of the largest houses in Stowford.
One evening in 1547, he and his family and friends were at their usual Tuesday night dinner. They took weekly turns as to which house the dinner and entertainment were held. This night was the turn of the Prideaux family at Stowford Manor. They ate their meal and as they settled down, John told the gathering a ghost story. He told them of a stranger he once befriended and  the mysterious path the meeting led him along. Present at the dinner were Parson William Hele, Robert and Sybil Fox, Thomas and Joan Rogers and John and Ann Prideaux. Before the evening ended, the friends are  on a mysterious quest of their own, leading to a remarkable conclusion at St Petrocs church on snowy Dartmoor.

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