More Prideaux Ghost Stories

More Prideaux Ghost Stories is the latest in the series of Prideaux Ghost Stories. Chronologically the stories follow those in the book Prideaux Ghost Stories and A Ghost Story and preceding Further Prideaux Ghost Stories.

Each story features a generation of the family in my line. The people, houses, villages and timelines are correct in each story. Some features of the stories have either been passed down or added by the author with a great deal of poetic licence.

The Bigbury Butcher features Peter Prideaux. This is a tale of mysterious deaths and cruel betrayals in 17th Devon. Will there be any justice?

The Ringmore Wraiths features Peter Prideaux, son of the above. This is a story about a terrible beginning in life and how a call for help to beyond the grave can make a real difference. An unusual painting and magic spells conjure release from a lofty prison.

The Lanlivery Lights features Peter Prideaux, son and grandson of the above. This story involves underage sex resulting in a trip back to Cornwall where a decades old mining mystery is solved.

The Chudleigh Charity features Thomas Peter Prideaux, the son, grandson and great grandson of the above. This is a story of an unpopular wedding and control of a town by devious means. The otherworldly guardians of secret documents don’t want to let go.

More generations tell their stories through the Prideaux Stories series.