Tresaith Asylum

The story evolved after a permitted visit to Denbigh Asylum, also known as North Wales Hospital, a building which has been allowed to fall into serious disrepair following its enforced enclosure. Tresaith Asylum gives a fictionalised account explaining some of the peculiar events and destruction which have taken place since the doors of this real hospital were finally closed.
DI Revie is the lead detective in this  case and Tresaith Asylum details one of his investigations prior to his move to Yorkshire and appearance in The Specials. He is joined by DS Buchanan who experiences more adventures than are probably good for him. We soon discover that Dr. Selina Tresaith, the Superintendent of Tresaith Asylum, is not necessarily the compassionate woman she would like everyone to believe.  The Asylum had been set up by her family during the 1800’s as a perceived compassionate gesture but was in reality a  money making scheme. The murderers, rapists and misunderstood of the area had been living off the radar at the Asylum for years with their families paying substantial amounts to the Tresaith family in order to keep their loved ones out of the reach of the law and society. These forgotten inmates were not relocated once the Asylum closed and Selina Tresaith has to keep them hidden in order to avoid serious repercussions  from the authorities and locals alike.

We meet ghosts, experience parallel dimensions and learn much about the misconceptions of life and death at Tresaith Asylum.