John Prideaux Bishop of Worcester – Biography

Born in Stowford, Devon 17th September 1578 Died at Bredon, Worcestershire 29th July 1650  (aged 72 years) of a fever Buried at Bredon, Worcestershire 16th August 1650 Married in 1612, Anne Goodwin, daughter of William Goodwin. Died  August 11th 1627 and buried in St. Michael’s, Oxford Married in 1628, Mary (Marie) Rendell, daughter of Sir […]

Bishop John Prideaux 1578 – 1650

Bishop John Prideaux is the star of A A Prideaux’s novel, The Bishop and The Witch. As such, his life and history is dramatised in that novel and subsequent novels in the series.  Here I attach the Authors Epilogue to the book and the Bibliography.      AUTHOR’S EPILOGUE  I began researching my family history […]

John Prideaux 1505 – 1568

John Prideaux stars in the book A Ghost Story . The book is set in Harford, near Stowford on Devon He also is mentioned in the book. The Bishop and The Witch. The story is about the Bishop of Worcester and is set in Oxford and Harford, near Stowford Devon. John Prideaux was grandfather of the […]

Richard de Pridias Lord of Prideaux 1160 – 1225

Richard de Pridias, Lord of Prideaux was the son of Nicholas. He lived through the reigns of Henry II, Richard the Lion heart, John and Henry III, the latter being famous for pointless wars and extortionate taxation. He was however, one of the greatest patrons of medieval architecture such as Westminster Abbey and Salisbury Cathedral. […]

The Library

Quite a lot happens in the library in Mill Town  and here is one library I visited with friends which was an inspiration for it. I love libraries and books. I have hundreds of them, many first editions and lots are  leather bound.  The oldest book I have was published in 1625 and was written by an ancestor Bishop […]