Cornish Personalities

Below are some of the articles written by A A Prideaux about famous Cornish personalities.

Henry Jenner

Henry Jenner wrote A Handbook of the Cornish Language in 1904, shortly after being made a Bard of the Breton Gorsedd in 1903. His Bardic name was Gwas Myghal (Servant of Michael). Jenner soon founded the first Cornish Language Society, ‘Cowethas Kelto-Kernuak.’

Rev Densham of Warleggan

The Reverend Frederick William Densham (BA ACA) died aged 83 in 1953 after a strange and enigmatic life. A life which has left unanswered questions even though his story has been discussed world- wide. He was seen in the mid 1930’s by Daphne du Maurier and reputedly inspired her vicar in Jamaica Inn.  It is also believed that Densham’s spirit still haunts the church in which he was vicar for 22 years prior to his strange death.

Newlyn 1910

The Song of the Western Men, also known as Trelawney, is a Cornish patriotic song. It has been referred to many times as the National Anthem of Cornwall.

It was sung at the funeral of Dr. James Whetter, a Cornish nationalist and true Cornish man.

James Malcolm Maclaren

James Malcolm Maclaren (always known as Malcolm) was a world-renowned geologist and mileage millionaire. He was born in New Zealand and travelled the world as a consulting mining engineer. He was a specialist on the mining of gold, silver, lead, zinc, tin, mercury, copper, china clay, bauxite and phosphate. It was on his advice that many Cornish mines were closed during the early years of the 20th Century, most particularly the 1920’s

Robert Stephen Hawker 1825

Robert Stephen Hawker was born on the 3rd December 1803, five months after George Borrow, who was also a descendant of Cornishmen and was to write enthusiastically of the beauteous scenery and peoples he discovered therein as did Hawker.

Wings over Water 1930 Frances Hodgkins 1869-1947

Dame Daphne du Maurier, Lady Browning, DBE, first saw Fowey in 1923 while descending Bodinnick Hill during a search for a holiday home with her mother and sisters. The family had taken several holidays in Cornwall and Daphne had always enjoyed them but secretly hoped that if a holiday home were to be bought, it would be in France.

A L Rowse Grave

My roots are Cornish and I have spent a good deal of time roaming and living in Cornwall during my life. Many of the greatest writers of our country were either born in the West Country  or lived there at some point. The land brings such inspiration to creative people and I am sure that  others feel the magic of the Universe when they stand on a misty moor or take a  walk through Luxulyan.

A L Rowse

t would be easy to list all the  achievements of Dr Rowse, but as his Bibliography is simple to find online along with his many honours, I don’t need to add to them. Instead, I shall add here, a few links and comments not readily available elsewhere.  I include a copy of the photograph and postcard I discovered in a book I bought,  along with a copy of a letter. In another blog about him on this site, I wrote that many of his peers had a problem with him and his attitude. But these personal notes show that he had many friends and admirers, who thought of A L Rowse as a clever boy and kind man.