It’s easy to get the words Brat and Bart mixed up. I know a young man who has been through a lot in his life and in spite of extreme provocation has managed to outwardly maintain his cool. I admire him, because I know he struggles with anger inside, but doesn’t let it control him.

If you knew his story, you would see why that is so admirable. I know its not good to swallow your feelings and never deal with them, I used to do that. It makes you feel really ill after a while and acting on your feelings doesn’t help either.

Bart acknowledges his feelings and tries to change them into positive ones as often as he can. He is a much better person than the woman who called him Brat when he was  small.  Eventually Bart  discovered that his feelings affected how he experienced everything in life.

I believe that life responds  to our feelings and never the other way round. So Bart will win in the end, won’t he?