Centennial Light Bulb Cam

The Centennial Light Bulb Cam is at 4550 East Avenue, Livermore, California, where it is maintained by the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department. Why is it there?  To constantly monitor  the bulb which has been alive since it was first screwed into it’s socket at the fire station in 1901.  The bulb had, however been manufactured by the Shelby Electric Company 6 years prior and used by the Livermore Power and Water Company until they closed and the bulb was given away to the Fire department.
It wasn’t until 1972 that a reporter called Mike Dunstan discovered and proved the bulb’s history. The bulb has been monitored ever since.  Moving only one more time, this event was given a blue light run to the new site and accompanied by a certified electrician to prevent failure.
The bulb has only been out for 9 hours since then and this was proved to be a power outage. It is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The story has been used to provide evidence that modern day manufacturers, build in obsolescence to the light bulbs of today. The bulb which was originally a 60 watt, now puts out only 4 watts, which is a similar output to the rubbish energy saving bulb I have in my bedroom…
Have a watch of the strangely hypnotic webcam.