History of The Cornish Banner

The Cornish Banner is also known as An Baner Kernewek and has been in existence since 1975. Dr James Whetter began the magazine and continued to produce it until just before his death in February 2018. The last Issue, Number 171, was of its usual high quality and came out on the 1st February 2018, just over three weeks before he passed from this plane of life. It was not a day late.

There were four issues each year and defined by the Gaelic Seasonal Festivals, as follows;

Imbolc – 1 February – marking the beginning of Spring.

Beltane – 1 May – marking the beginning of Summer.

Lughnasa – 1 August – marking the beginning of the harvest season.

Samhain – 1 November – marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of Winter.

The Cornish Banner is Cornwall’s foremost cultural magazine and is the County’s longest running serious quarterly. As well as providing up-to-date commentary on the current world scene, the magazine deals with contemporary events in Cornwall and has articles on its history, culture and the arts written by leading writers. The series on Cornish personalities through the centuries, written by Dr Whetter, added to articles on Cornish rural society from 1600 to modern times, taking as an example his own parish of St. Gorran in south Cornwall.

Dygemysker’s ‘Cornish Notes’, consisting of extracts from the previous three months issues of the daily Western Morning News, provided local readers and those overseas with an invaluable record of their native land. ‘Cornish Gleanings’ by Tom Tucker, contributions by talented poets, book reviews and shorter pieces complete the pages of Cornwall’s most distinguished journal.

The Cornish Banner

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The Cornish Banner
The Cornish Banner