Karate and Death

A friend brought this video to my attention shortly after he uploaded it to YouTube.

My father and brother (both black belts) are on this clip which was broadcast on the local news back in 1991. They ran the karate club along with a couple of others. Dad appears initially at 1.06 walking behind Ron Davies and Mark shows up at various points in the clip.  Mark can be seen best at 1.32 fighting with Ron during his grading.

Sad thing is, several of those who appeared are now dead. Dad died shortly after the filming, then Mark (both at a  ridiculously young age), then Ron, then…

The moral of this story may be,
Don’t appear on local TV.

BTW. Mark (as was I) was a Special Constable and our colleagues had to attend his death. When they asked for volunteers from the force for his  full police funeral,  the list went on and on.  He had a motor cycle escort and police cars and a  guard of honour. The escort took us on a tour of the town which lasted 10 minutes instead of taking the hearse the 1 minute drive to the church. People stopped in the street. We were all too traumatised to record it but I did take this snap.  He would have loved it – had he been alive…

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