Mulfra Vean New Mill Cornwall

In 1790 Robert Prowse was born in Paul, just outside Penzance. He married Grace who was born in 1800 and they had seven children. William, Grace, Robert. Margaret, Susanna, Jane and Elizabeth. They worked on the land. His brother William also had a family and settled in New Mill also just outside Penzance.
and they had William, John, James, Ann and Richard.
William [1841] worked as a tin miner at New Mill on Mulfra Hill. He married Ellen and they had William H, Eliza E, James T and John. Eventually by 1881 he managed to buy a 13 acre farm on Mulfra Hill and their family had increased by Edwin C, Eveline J, Grosvenor and Aromulous H.
William married and had a son William Robert on 2nd October 1906. He took over the farm at Mulfra and married Dorothy Violet, born 28th December 1902. [3 days after Granddad Clifford.]
He ran the place as a farm and also as a motor dealer and general dealer. He called the place Mulfra Vean Garage and was one of the first people to get a telephone in the tiny hamlet. It was prior to WW2 and his number was Penzance 581.
They carried on running the farm and garage and eventually in the late 50’s started taking in holidaymakers for BB and evening meal.
Mulfra Quoit was one of the ancient attractions and was within walking distance of the farm. Dad used to take us to Tintagel, Merry Maidens and other places along with St Ives and Lands End. Madron Workhouse was very near and has quite a history.
I remember the evening walks down the lane to the village  and Dad scaring us when he hid behind the hedges and jumped out.
I also remember how creepy the house was. There were many stuffed birds and animals about the place and I remember the musty smell. There was a stuffed Cornish Chough at the bottom of the stairs which Dad joked about for years. We ran from bed to loo in the middle of the night. Karen remembers clearly the ghost of a young girl in white standing by the bed and not going away.
Even so, I think back on the visits with fondness in spite of the really horrible paintings of dying dogs and drowning girls.
We eventually stopped visiting, I think because the meals became more boring. I do recall the last year that we had milk pudding every night. I have never touched semolina, tapioca etc since.
William died on April 1988 and Dorothy died May 1991.

Vean means small and Mul is the Cornish version of round topped hill (Welsh is moel and English is knoll) Mulfra Vean likely means farmstead on the small hill.

Pobo vean means little people or piskies.