The Pope and the Meteor

bumfaceI filled in and posted a Public Lending Rights form just after that meteorite hit Russia. The two events are not related in any way, but I thought I should mention it for the sake of historical relevance. Plus I am not so sure that it was just a stray lump of space rock. The scientists could track the one that missed us, but not the one that hit. That’s just weird. I would love to be on the expedition to find it in the ice pool. What a great idea for a book. Already my mind is trying to tie up the Pope resigning out of the blue, the Vatican being hit by lightning and this meteor.

If everything is made up of the same stuff, it has to be connected. Right?

I took a picture of one of my horses once and my face was perfectly reflected on his bum. I am unsure how that can be. Do you know? 

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