The Travels of John Prideaux 1900. Cornwall Summer.

The Travels of John Prideaux. Cornwall during the Summer of 1900.

May 15th

Arrived at Bristol 3.45 pm and left 4.10. The weather was good from Liverpool to Bristol and while in Liverpool. At 4pm we went through a long tunnel under the Severn River. At 6pm we arrived at Exeter and stopped at Elmfield Hotel.

May 16th.

7.40 am Mamma, Arthur and myself left in a carriage to Bideford and got there at 10.10 and visited the Old Church and churchyard of Mrs Prideaux’s childhood days and saw her father’s grave. Mrs P had some cut flowers at the Rector’s residence and then we went to see old Mr and Mrs Pike who knew both of Mrs P’s parents forty years before. Mr Pike showed us around and we left at 11.15 and arrived at Elmfield at 12.30 had dinner and left Exeter at 2.36 p.m. and arrived at Bodmin 5pm and at St Austell 5.30. We arrived at Scorrior Station 7.56 pm and Mrs N W Hensley’s, St Day at 8.30 pm. Met Mr and Mrs Hensley and family and after greetings awhile we had saffron cake for tea and retired at 10pm. Mrs Hensley was on the sick list.

May 17th.

Got up 6 am and had breakfast at 8.30 (Fresh Mackerel). I wrote two letters to my sisters at Pool and Camborne and took a walk to see the old established church and yard and the graves of Mrs Prideaux’s grandparents, uncles and aunt, with Mrs Prideaux and Arthur. Then we went to see St Day Methodist Church and attended the 7 o’clock Prayer Meeting in the evening.


Got up 7.30 and after breakfast took a walk and then read till noon and had roast beef for dinner. At 2.30 pm we all walked two miles to Redruth Market and enjoyed the scenery on the road. At 6 pm we all went to an eating house had tea cake and saffron buns, tea and walked back to St Day. Though tired we greatly enjoyed the day.

May 19th.

At 9.30 am We left Mr and Mrs Hensley’s, St Day in a carriage and arrived at my sisters (Mrs Pearce) near Tuckingmill at 10.30 am. Met sister at the door and had a cordial welcome. Arthur and I took a walk to see some of the old sights and Tuckingmill Chapel (Church) and then back to dinner had beef steak and potatoes etc.
At six o’clock pm. After tea, we went to Camborne (one mile) with my sister Pearce to see my sister Ann H Polmear. We returned at 10pm and retired.

Sunday May 20th

We went to Tuckingmill Church both morning and evening. Arthur and I visited Tuckingmill S. School at 2pm, about 400 scholars present. We visited my cousin Mary A Harris after this evening service for half an hour at her beautiful home. She was so pleased to see us and we were to spend a day later on which we did.

Monday 21st.

Got up at 8 o’clock had breakfast and wrote a note to George. After dinner Arthur and I walked up through Dolcarth Mine saw the tin works and then went to sister Polmear’s for an hour. On our way, we called to see Nellie Maynard and her present from Lillie which she sent by me from Portland at 6pm. We returned home with sister Pearce and after tea rested for the night.

Tuesday 22nd.

Mamma, Arthur and myself after breakfast took a long walk to Tehidy Park and through Park Bottom and by Chapel of Ease and home through Trevenson grounds to sister Pearce’s. After dinner both Mamma and I had a map. Arthur went to St Day to see the Hensley girls. Then Mamma and I wrote to Captain and Mrs Prideaux at Liverpool.

Wednesday 23rd

Up at 7am. After breakfast Mamma and I walked two miles to Pearce and gave the two handkerchiefs to Wm Endie’s sisters. At 11.15 visited the home of my birth. A Mrs Pryer lived there with husband and family. We knew Mrs Pryer when a girl and we stayed for two and a half hours, had a nice visit and all the bread and cream we could eat. We were given a nice bouquet from the old garden and then visited Betty Adit, a spring or well of lovely water.

From there we went down over Tellows Hill to the village of Brea and called to see Mrs Richard whom we knew when young. We then walked homeward through Cooks Kitchen Mine on the main road to my sister Pearce’s where we reached about 4.30 pm and glad to lay ourselves down to rest at 7 pm (after tea).

We went to Tuckingmill mid-week preaching service after which we went with Mr and Mrs Edwards to their home nearby for about an hour. Mrs Edward, we were acquainted with early in life and a Sunday morning class mate of ours for years. The class was well attended by old and young led by Capt. Roger Vivian and met from 8.00 to 9.15 am at a private home of a member. We retired about 10 pm and called it a day well spent.

May 24th

Up at 7 o’clock then read the Oregonian received from home. Mamma at her fancy work Arthur reading Oregonian and sister doing the dishes. I then wrote to Stephen. At 1.30 pm us three walked up to Troon to a Band of Hope Convention and got there at 3 o’clock and we were diverted to Cousin John Prideaux, his daughter Mary Laty open the door and said she knew me at first glance. We entered and met Annie her younger sister. Cousin John soon came downstairs and we were glad to greet each other after forty years. (His wife being in London.) We were soon at home and in a little while we went to the afternoon convention. Arthur went with Mary Laty and Annie and us two with Cousin John.
At 5.31 we attended a tea meeting in the Church vestry for the Band of Hope benefit. We then returned to cousin John’s (nearby) for half an hour to rest. 7pm we went to Church again and heard the Temperance address. 8.45 we left for Sister Pearce’s, a distance of three miles arriving at 9.35 had some lemon and retired.

May 25th

After breakfast, I wrote to George. 9.30 Arthur, Mamma and I walked to Carn Brea hill and around the castle. The view was magnificent for miles around. The sea coast of Portreath was plainly in view three and a half miles to the north while Falmouth was seeming many miles to south with Redruth one and a half miles east and Camborne two miles west, Hayle and St Ives six and eight further north west. The English Channel seems so near to Portreath we could see the white caps. On our way up Carn Brea Hill we saw and heard the Cuckoo sing and the little bird near his side.
We came back home 12.30 had dinner and rested. In the evening, we called to see Mr and Mrs Tregonning, Mr and Mrs Pengilly and Mrs Kendall at Tuckingmill.

May 26th

Changed our clothing and rested all day. In the evening, we then went to Saturday night Prayer Meeting.

Sunday 27th

Arthur and I visited Thomas Crase’s Class Meeting 8 am. 10.30 am three of us went to Pool Methodist Church. On our way home, we met Mr Thomas Willoughby. Leaving him we met Mr John Mayne and wife who we knew forty years before. After dinner 2.30pm, we went to Mr. Joseph Wren’s at Illogan Downs to tea, had lots of English cream and returned home to my sister’s at 9.15pm.

May 28th

After breakfast at 9 am we three left for Portreath three miles on the north coast. At the top of Portreath Hill we turned to the left and visited my cousin Mrs Paul at Tray Farm where we rested of an hour and had some lunch.
Then we walked to the cliff a mile away and from to Portreath another mile and a half. After walking on the beach and through archways to the water and we turned homeward through the town of Portreath where we arrived at 3.30 pm. Very tired for our walk.
We met Mrs Kendallon our return and after resting had tea at 6pm.
In the evening we were visited by Mrs Nellie Maynard (my niece) and her mother in law Mrs Maynard. We spent a pleasant evening and after supper, we retired at 10.30pm.

May 29th.

After breakfast at 9.30 Mamma took bus for St Day to her brother’s. Arthur went to Troon for the day and I went to East Pool Mine to see Joe. Wren and gave him picture of Mr Sharts and a doily from Mrs P to Mrs Wren.
After dinner I visited Holman Bros. Boiler Works. My nephew Wm Pearce the foreman showed me through. I then went to sister Polmear’s stopped to tea and returned home to Sister Pearce’s at 9 pm and retired soon after.

May 30th

Arthur and I got up at 6.20 and left for Redruth at 8 o’clock and got there in 45 minutes and left for Falmouth at 9clock on a bus. Arthur and I rode outside on top, lovely scenery all the way. Reached Falmouth 11.15 and called to see Miss Bessie Andrews at 11.40 for 15 minutes then took a walk and had dinner at a Restaurant.
At 12.50 we went again to Miss Andrews and sat with them while they took their main meal and we had a cup of tea. We met Mr Andrews and his father (very old). We then visited Old Curiosity Shop and bought a plate of old English lustre for sixpence. At 3pm we took the Fal Boat Victoria for Truro by way of the Fal River. The scenery was lovely.
Landed at Truro five minutes to four o’clock and went to the Cathedral where Divine Service was being held after which we looked the Cathedral.
At 6pm we left by rail for Redruth where we met Mamma and the Hensley girls from St Day. After wishing them goodbye we three walked to Pool to my sisters and after refreshments retired for the night.

May 31st

After breakfast Arthur and I went to see Joe Wren who showed us the big engines etc at East Pool Mine and came back at noon for lunch.
2.30 pm Arthur and I went to Carnartheu to take a view of the house of my birth and also a view of my grandfather house at Brea. We went up by way of Tilemins Hill and came home by Betty Adit Road and the arch at Brea to Nellie Maynard’s and from there to Mr T Tregonning’s where we met Mamma at 5.35.
After we had all had tea, Arthur with the Tregonning boy went to Tehidy Park.
At 8pm Mamma and I left Mrs Tregonnings and made a short call on Mrs Gilbert from there to Mr Charles Bartles and then to see his bro. William who was organist at Tuckingmill (Chapel) Church. We met Mr James Tregonning on our way to my sisters at Pool Carn Brea.

Friday June 1st.

Very tired and wrote Mr Gawanlack in the morning.

June 2nd.

Moved to Sister Polmear’s at Camborne at 11am had roast beef for dinner at 1pm. Mamma, Arthur, Fred Prideaux and I left in a Gingle for Gwithian and returned at 6pm. After tea, I went to Camborne market with Mamma and Sister Polmear Came home at 10pm and retired.

Sunday June 3rd.

Attended Centenary Church in morning. (Mamma and I) Then we visited the grave yard and Mamma’s two brothers’ graves. After dinner, I went with Mamma and Annie Polmear to Wesley Church Union S. School gathering and afterward visited the Episcopal Church Yard and saw my father’s and mother’s graves.
We had tea at 5pm then Annie left with me again to Wesley Church to 6 o’clock service. Got home at 8oclock then went for a walk with Ada and Hettie. Mamma stayed home evening with Sister Polmear.

June 4th.

Was Whit Monday. We had breakfast at 8.30. The I went to David Endie’s and delivered the handkerchief for Mrs J Endey. After dinner Mamma, Annie and I went to see Centenary S. School Processions on Telowarren Street. Then to Roskin Churchyard and saw the graves of grandfather Holman, his daughter Mary’s and the grave of his youngest son James. They were both unmarried. James was 65 when he died. The graves were fenced around the vault. We also looked at my brother William’s grave to the grave of Thomas Pearce my sister’s husband. Tuckingmill S. School after their line of March passed into Roskin field where we follow and had tea with the teachers about 6 pm. We (Mamma and I) met a few whom we knew about thirty years before.
After a pleasant time we returned to my sister Polmear’s 8 pm. Arthur, Fred, Ada and Hettie were off together for the day. The weather has been lovely for the past two weeks.

June 5th.

After breakfast Mamma and I went to Cemetery graveyard to see the Sexton about Mamma’s brother’s grave and again in the afternoon. In the evening, us two called to see Mrs J Burge and Capt. George Nancarrow and renewed our memories of days gone by.

June 6th

Got up at 6 o’clock. At 8 am Mamma, Hettie and I left for Pendennis one mile and half away just before nine we entered the grounds on the east and rambled. We nearly got lost when we heard a man’s voice and made towards it. I asked the man dressed in white if visitors were allowed and told him our business. He said a certain class were and pointed out the way to Pendennis House and continued to walk and talk till we got there. He then showed us some of the grounds the lovely gardens and Hot Houses etc.
Then to the basement of the House and through the Laundry and other rooms till he brought us to the Housekeeper who with himself showed us to numberless magnificent rooms elegantly furnished, bedrooms, Drawing room, dining room, Library, the billiard room, the Justice Court room and many others. The house contained (70) seventy rooms. We were then led to the outside or I don’t know when we would have gotten there.
The same man then showed us some other gardens, and after a tip we thanked him goodbye. We arrived home to Sister Polmear’s 11.30 tired out and took a nap. (both)
At 3.30 we took a walk to Camborne town and called to see Mrs Richards and had a nice time. I played on her organ. Then we called to see Mrs Jewell a few minutes and from there to Mr J Vivian’s Drapery Store, made a purchase, called two other places and got back to sister’s six o’clock.
After tea Mamma and I went and made a call to see Capt. Rablin. “Not at home.” Then we called to see my niece Mary J Harvey for a short time. From there after tea, we went to Tuckingmill (1/2 Mile) to see Mrs Maynard, we stayed awhile but she was not at home.
We returned to my sister’s 8.45 pm.

June 7th.

After breakfast Mamma and I went to Centenary graveyard again to see her brothers’ graves. John H and James P Hensley. We then came back and wrote George and Mrs Harper, and stayed about the house all day.
Had a nice Chicken Pie for dinner, had tea at 6 o’clock and then Mrs Prideaux, Sister Polmear and I went to Sister Pearce’s 1 ½ miles away.
They spent an hour together while I went to Trevenson Park close by to a Political gathering. I met one or two Old Timers but was too late for the speeches which were on the Conservative side. I heard the Band play God Save the Queen and one or two others and soon returned to Sister Pearce’s.
Arthur was around with my nieces having a good time. We returned to Sister Polmear’s at 10 pm and after refreshments, retired.

June 8th.

After breakfast, I took a walk to Camborne Town and returned 11.30 am. Mamma and Arthur went to Redruth in a Buss at 10 am (John Prideaux struck through in Journal) to see Mamma’s nephew Fred Hensley off for Africa. Cousin John Prideaux took Mamma and Arthur with his married daughter to Redruth in his Gingle and Pony. Mamma and Arthur returned 12.30 and we all had dinner together.
After dinner Arthur and Fred Prideaux went to Troon on the Wheels.
Mamma and I went and settled with the Sexton at Centenary and then went bought Mamma’s fur and my gloves. Came home to tea and made a tea and made another trip to see Capt. Rablin. After a pleasant talk, we got home 9pm and retired 11.30.

June 9th.

After breakfast wrote to George answer a draft received day before. At 11 am Arthur and I went to see Ticket Agent and returned at one o’clock and had dinner. Arthur and my Mamma went off for the afternoon. At 4 pm Mamma, Sister Polmear and I went to Cousin Mary A Harris. Had tea and spent a pleasant evening and left at 9 o’clock. Sister went to Mrs Maynard’s while Mamma and I called to see Mr and Mrs Thomas Crase and Mrs C Richards.

Sunday June 10th

10.30 am Mamma, Annie and I went to the Episcopal Church. Heard a good Sermon on Barnabus. After dinner, Bessie Andrews came and made a long call. At 6 pm Annie and I went to the Methodist Association Church and after coming home we took a walk round Beacon Hill and of Camborne town. A delightful walk and scenery returned at 9pm good light. Retired at 10.

June 11th

After breakfast, I went to David Endie’s again with a present from Cousin Jamie Endie and from there to Daleoarth Mine. saw and spoke to Capt. Josiah Thomas. I then called to see my niece Nellie Maynard. Then called to see Mrs Jackson for Janie. Then called on Mr John Jenkin and from there to see Mr Maynard.
At 12.30 Arthur and I went and took lunch with Messrs Holman Bros. My cousins in the dining room over their works at Camborne and after being shown through the different departments of the Works we returned to Sister Polmear’s.
At 5 pm Mamma, Arthur and I went to Cousin John H. Holman’s to dinner and spend the evening at his lovely home at Tregenna Camborne. We walked there together and at our arrival he began showing us the many beautiful painting and pictures in the different rooms and one of our Grandfather Holman. Mrs Holman his wife then arrived from Penzance and we soon had dinner together waited on at table by their Butler. After we were shown their acres of gardens and greenhouses for an hour. We were given a lovely bouquet. At 8pm we had supper and spent a pleasant evening in song and game while Mamma and Mrs Holman chatted.
At 10.30 we returned to Sister Polmears.

June 12th

Mamma, Arthur and I took a train at Camborne Station 8.35 am for Penzance where we arrived 9.15. We first called on Cousin Fred Holman at his home and took Carriage for Lands End 9.50 and got there 12.15. After walking on the rocks out to ocean and seeing points of interest we left 1.30 pm for St. Just and arrived there 3pm. I saw Cousin John Holman at his Foundry Office, made myself known and we were soon at his home with his wife and family. We spent a delightful hour and a half with a roomful of relations who gathered in a few minutes with Cousin John and his wife.
We left for Penzance 4.30 in a mist of rain which continued all the way. We got back to Cousin Fred Holman’s at 6pm, had dinner as invited and after a very pleasant visit he went with us to the Depot and we left 8.10 pm for Camborne arriving at 8.55 pm and walked to Sister Polmear’s in fast rain. We slept well and got up at 6.30 am.

June 13th.

After breakfast Arthur and I went to Mr Vines the Ticket Agent and secured our births on the Steam Ship St. Paul to sail from Southampton to New York.
After dinner I called on Mr C V Thomas at his Office and at Bank to cash check. Then wrote Kate from Sister Polmear’s.
Nellie Maynard called 10 am and Mr A Harris in the evening and left a souvenir.

June 14th

Breakfasted at 7. At 9 am Sister Polmear, her four daughters, Mamma, Arthur and me (8 in all) left in a Wagonette for Porthawan 8 miles from Camborne where we arrived 10.30. Showery Day. At 12 we all had our lunch in a cottage “by the sea.” On a long table, full of good things. Returned home at 4 pm and after tea retired at 9.30 pm.

June 15th

At 11 am. I went to see my cousin Mrs John Vivian of Trove Camborne from there I called to see Lawyer C V Thomas again and got home at one for dinner, rested the afternoon when Cousin John Prideaux called. Mamma rested all day at home.

June 16th

After breakfast, Arthur and I went and got our tickets for N. York at Agent E Vine. J.H. Holman gave me a view of their Works. After dinner, we rested and left 4pm in a cab for a four day visit to Cousin John P. at Troon. We spent a pleasant evening together, Arthur, Mamma and I slept at Mr Jenkins his son in law across the street.

Sunday 17th

8.30 Arthur and I went with cousin John to his class meeting. (Cousin John went to preach at his appointment.)
10.30 We all went to Church Service. Dinner at 1 pm. 2pm Arthur and I attended S. School with Cousin John, he the Superintendent. “We had Prayer after noon dinner.” The attendance of S School average 180. At 6pm we all went again to Troon Methodist Church. Then we visited Cousin John’s son Arthur at his home for half an hour and returned to Cousin John’s spent as pleasant evening and retired.
A fine day.

Monday June 18th.

Breakfasted at Mrs Jenkins. After dinner Mamma and I rode with Cousin John and his wife at Miss Rules near Sister Polmear’s to spend the afternoon while he went top Preacher’s Meeting. We had tea 6.30 pm, us four rode to Crowan town and met Cousin John’s Bro. Gilbert on his way to Camborne. After greeting we left for his home nearby and met his wife and two sisters. Aunt Ann was too sick to be seen. After a stay of fifteen minutes we rode to Black Rock in Cousin John’s Gingle. We had a beautiful view of Camborne town of about fifteen thousand inhabitants and the surrounding country and then Mrs Risevoier’s, we rode back to Troon another way marking a complete circle and arrived 8.30 pm. Good light. 10.30 We retired at Mrs Jenkin’s.

June 19th.

A wet day. After breakfast, I looked around Mr Jenkin’s Carpenter Shop then wrote up my Diary, “which I did every day.” Around house all day. Wrote to George and Bro. Stephen. In the evening, it cleared so we four took a nice walk, Mamma, Cousin John and wife and I. After a pleasant evening together, we retired.
“Arthur, Annie and Mary Laty, enjoyed trips together daily.”

June 20th

After breakfast, I took a walk to Sister Polmear’s. Stopped for dinner and met Grace Varnan my niece.
2.30 pm I walked up to Troon and got there 3.15.
6 o’clock we had dinner at Cousin John’s with Mr and Mrs Willoughby and Miss Willoughby his sister after which Mr Willoughby, Cousin John and I took a walk together.
At 9pm Mamma and I said goodbye to all (which ended our visit) and walked to Sister Polmear’s and retired 11.30 pm.

June 21st

After breakfast, we began to get together to pack. Eleven o’clock Cousin John came with our valises in his Pony and Gingle.
11.30 I went to Camborne town for the last time. Got home 12.45 and had chicken dinner with sister Polmear, her four daughters and my wife. After dinner Mrs Simmons and her sister Caroline called to see us. 4pm Sister, my wife and I went to Nellie Maynard for tea and enjoyed ourselves very much. Then Mamma went to say goodbye to Mrs Tregonning and I walked to sister Pearce’s with sister Polmear. Mamma came and we spent a pleasant hour together and drank our last cup of tea there. Returned home 8.30 with Sister Polmear. Said good bye to several on the way.
Nellie Maynard walked up with us from Tuckingmill. We said goodbye to Nellie and retired 10pm.

June 22nd (Friday)

At 11.15 am I left sister Polmear’s for St Day. I went so far as Redruth and returned to Sister Polmear’s for my overcoat I had left behind had some tea and cake and left 1.15 and walked to sister Pearce’s, who an hour before fell and hurt her kneecap. She was in bed. I kissed her goodbye and had to walk to Illogan a mile and met a chance to ride with two boys to Redruth. I met Arthur and went with him to see my cousin Mrs. Simmons and took with us my cousin Mrs Paul to meet Mamma. We all had a nice cup of tea together and rested at Mrs Simmons.
We started to go and met cousin John, His wife and daughter at the street. Mamma, Arthur and I wished all goodbye and went straight to Mr Charles Bowden’s Office, Mamma’s first cousin at Redruth, after a short visit at his Office with him and his son he took me to his home at Ingleside on Clinton Road. A very nice house beautifully furnished. Then he walked with us to Redruth Market and left. We soon met Miss Hensley and Hettie and began to walk towards St Day. We were overtaken by a Buss so Mamma and the two Miss Hensleys rode. Arthur and I walked and got there soon after at 7pm had tea and retired at 10pm.

June 23rd

At St Day. Got up at 7.30. After breakfast, I took a short walk then wrote up Diary and wrote letter to Janie while Mamma rested. I hire a Wagonette and at 1.30 pm Arthur and the Hensley family went on a trip to Padstow and returned 5.30. After tea Mamma and I took a walk about St Day. The Market House etc. Met Dr Mitchell who told us of days gone by. We then returned to Mr N W Hensley’s, Mrs Prideaux’s brother and retired 10pm.

Sunday June 24th

Breakfasted at 9 o’clock. 10.30 We went to Wesley Church heard a grand sermon, after which we went to Episcopal Churchyard to see the grave of Mr A Bowden and the grave of Miss G Bowden, Mamma’s uncle and aunt. Had dinner at 1.30 at 3pm Arthur, Miss Mary Hensley and I visited the S. School of 300 scholars where I made my maiden address.
We had tea at 5.15 and at 6 o’clock we went again to St Day Wesley Church after service we met Mr and Mrs Fletcher and then took a walk to Scorrier Station by way of Tregulla and back and retired 9pm.

June 25th.

Up at 7 am had breakfast at 9 o’clock. 10.40 Mamma and I left by Buss for Chasewater and arrived 11.10 am. We walked from there to Blackwater to see Mrs E. J Floyd. We got there about noon and had a nice lunch of Saffron Cake, English Cream etc. After a nice visit, we left for St Day by way of Tregulla accompanied by Mrs Lloyd to Scorrier Station where she returned and we walked back to Mr Hensley’s at 4 pm well pleased with our trip. We saw St Day Fair on our way home, bought oranges, cherries and strawberries. After tea Mamma and I took another walk to see St Day Fair. We retired 11.30 pm Arthur and his cousins not yet retired from Troon.

June 26th

Beautiful sunshine morning up at 7.30 and breakfast at 9 o’clock. After a short walk, we rested till noon. At 1pm Mamma and left for Redruth to spend the afternoon with Mr Charles Bowen and family. “Mamma’s cousin.” We reached Redruth 2.30 I called on Mr Bowden at his Office. He chased my check and we went for a ten-minute walk and he returned to his Office. I met Mamma as agreed and after visiting several stores to get what we want and then went to Mr Bowden’s home. 4.30 pm we had tea served to us by Miss Bowden. At 6 o’clock Mr C Bowden came home and we enjoyed a fine dinner 6.30. With Mr Bowden his two daughters, two sons and one daughter’s husband Mr Wickette. Soon Mr Bowden left to meet some engagement. We stayed till 8 pm. When Mamma and I left for her bros at St Day and got there 8.45. We then called to see Mamma’s cousin Mr J Bowden. Arthur spent the time with his cousins the Misses Hensleys. We retired 10 pm well tired out for the long walk.

June 27th.

Up at 7.30. I went and hired a Gingle to take Arthur to Redruth to take the 11.10 am Train for London. Hettie and I rode in to see him off. Mamma helped him pack his valise. We had breakfast and left at 9 o’clock. The train left on time and we watched him out of sight. At 11.45 I took Buss for Camborne to see Sister Polmear for the last time. Arrived there 12.30 and had a nice Turnip Pasty.

For dinner with Sister and her five daughters. 3pm I wished my nieces goodbye and Sister walked with me to see my niece Nellie Maynard and say goodbye. We then walked to Pool to visit my Sister Pearce who was in bed from a fall she received some days before and bruised her kneecap. I stayed and chatted with both sisters till 4.30. Wished them good bye and gave the farewell kiss. I was here given some of Sister Pearce’s son’s wedding cake. Who was married the day before. “June 26”. I then left for Redruth again and called to say goodbye Mrs Hosking and at Pool Mr E Church. I saw cousin John Prideaux and said goodbye to him.
From there I walked two miles to Redruth and called to see my cousin Mrs E Simmons and enjoyed a cup of nice tea with her and her sister Mrs Jervell with whom I sang in the chair in our younger days.
At 7 o’clock I said goodbye to them and left for St Day. I soon saw two bays in a carriage and got a ride to St Day.  When I arrived Mamma and Miss N W Hensley were out for a summer evening walk. I then walked with Mrs Hensley and her little boy Jim to feed their cows and chickens then returned home only about 6 blocks away. We retired 9.30 pm.

June 28th

Got up at 7am had breakfast 9 o’clock then mailed a paper to George for Arthur and a letter to Grace H Varman from Mamma. I then wrote up my Diary. Dinner at 2pm then read and napped till 5. We had tea at 6.30. I was at the house all day, talking with Mr Hensley “who was on the sick list” of days past and present etc and then Mamma there too. At 7.30 pm I visited with Miss Nanny Hensley his grandmother Mrs Morley and I gave Miss Hensley his first lesson in music on the Piano. The Nanny and I walk back to her home and took Mamma out for a walk for ½ an hour, retired 9.30 pm.

June 29th.

Up at 7 and breakfast at 9 am. Then wrote to Kate, Lillie and George. Then rested till 4.30pm. When Nanny and I went to her grandmother’s for a lesson on the piano. We then walked back to tea after which we packed our valises for London next day. We spent the evening with Mr N W Hensley and family (He was no better) and retired at 10 pm.

June 30th

Up 7 o’clock and breakfast 8.30. Wrote a letter to Kate at 10 am. We wished Mr Hensley and family goodbye and took hired Cab for Redruth Depot accompanied by Miss N Hensley who saw Mamma and I leave for London on the 11.10 am train. Mr C Bowden his two sons, his daughter and husband (Mr and Mrs Wicket) were there also to see us off.
Our first stop was at St Austell 12.15 noon, at Bodmin 12.40 at Liskeard (rain) 1pm at Devonport 1.30 At Plymouth 1.40 and stopped 8 minutes.
Arrived at Exeter 3 pm and stopped 8 minutes. At Bristol 4.35 and left 4.45. No more stops till we got to London. We had a cup of tea at Bristol. We passed Bath 5.10pm then passed through a long tunnel which took three or four minutes. From Redruth to Bristol we passed through 15 short tunnels.
The weather throughout the day was showery. We passed Swindon Junction at 5.40 and soon after began to pass through a beautiful level flat and green farming country dotted with cattle, sheep and horses which continued for an hour or more. Many trains passed us through the day and the railroad track was double most of the way.
We had a young red jacket soldier in our car from Plymouth to London whose destination was China. We arrived at Paddington Station 7pm (dry weather) and took cab for Mrs Dynes, 22 Garden Street, Garden Square WC three miles from Paddington depot.7.45 we got ourselves ready and had supper 8.15 pm after which I wrote two Postal Cards to my sister’s at Pool and Camborne and retired well tired out.