The Travels of John Prideaux 1900. Southampton to New York to Portland

The Travels of John Prideaux. Southampton to New York to Portland.

July 7th.

We were up at 5.30 am and had breakfast seven o’clock. At 7.30 we took carriage for Waterloo Station (a lovely summer morning) and arrived 8 am. 8.30 we left by train and arrived at Southampton 10.30. We went on board Steam Ship St Pauls and left for New York at 12 o’clock noon. We did some changing of our money on the Dock before we left. We had dinner 2 pm after which Mamma and I went to our berths and had a nap. The country between London and Southampton is a lovely flat open farming district. From Southampton Dock, we sailed straight for Cherbourg, the chief seaport of France and took on passengers. From there the St Paul sailed down the English Channel and passed around Lands End point around midnight.

Sunday July 8th

Up 7 am breakfasted 8.30. The weather beautiful and ocean smooth as a mill pond until 4.30 pm when the white caps came in view. After dinner Arthur was called to receive a can of six pastries and 26 cookies.
At 10.30 am. The Episcopal Service was held in the Cabin Saloon. Mamma, Arthur and I attended, the congregation was good. In the afternoon, I read the first seven chapters of first Corinthians. (The can of pastries and cookies were sent to Arthur from Cousin John Prideaux daughters at Troon.) A man played some hymn tunes on his Cornucopia accompanied by piano. Arthur had a sleep and Mamma had a nice rest lying down. In the evening, the weather began to be a little rough and us three retired feeling dick and continued so until Tuesday night. Arthur and I were the worst. Mamma never missed a meal.

Wednesday July 11th

Up 7.30. I had the first breakfast since Sunday and felt better. Last night the Fog Whistle was blowing at intervals and continued till 10 am. Then the sun shone out and the day was lovely and the sea smooth. At 10 pm we had a cup of gruel with many others and retired.

July 12th

Up at 6 am took Mamma for a walk on deck. Breakfasted 8.30. A lovely clear and bright morning, every lady seems to be bright and happy. In the afternoon, the ocean was smooth like glass in appearance and the sun set was magnificent to behold.
At 9 pm we had our cup of gruel and retired to our berths or staterooms.

July 13th

Up at 7 am. Breakfasted at 8 o’clock A wet rainy morning but cleared away 9.30. Three of us sick all day.

July 14th

Up 6.30 a lovely morning breakfasted as usual. Took on Pilot 9 am and landed in New York at 12 o’clock noon. Passed through the Customs House one o’clock. We found a Ticket Agent on Dock who took us to Hotel of whom we got our tickets for Portland Oregon. On Ontario Western Railway.
We left International Hotel 5 pm and started to cross over to New Jersey 5.20 to take train for Chicago and got seated in our own car 6 pm and started on our way 6.15. The weather quite hot and sulphery. We stopped at Congors 7 pm.

July 15th

We stopped at Oswego 3.40 am. Next, we stopped at Buffalo 8.15 am and then crossed the Niagara River Suspension Railroad Bridge into Canada. Weather still hot and close. At 12 o’clock we stopped at St Thomas for lunch then started again for Detroit Michigan and left there 3.30 pm. Arrived at Chicago 10 pm and left 10.30 pm.

July 16th

We crossed the Mississippi River at 3 am Monday morning and stopped at Monticello 6 am and we had a good thunder shower. Arrived at Omaha 4 pm and crossed the Mississippi River after a stop of 35 minutes going towards Pendleton Oregon. The forenoon was showery but the afternoon was more pleasant and the sunset was lovely to behold. 7.30 pm we stopped at Columbus Neb. For five minutes.
The roughest piece of railroad we passed over was from Chicago Milwaukie and St Pauls.

July 18th

We were up at six and stopped at Pocatello from 6 am to 6.30 for breakfast quite a rush. We ate breakfast in our car and then took seat in Chair car.
(I omitted July 17th) (JPx wrote)

July 17th

We slept very well in our sleeper, had mush and cream for breakfast at 9.30. We stopped at Cheyenne and left 10.15. At one pm we stopped at Armies for five minutes. At one o’clock am (this morning) Arthur left us at Julesburg for Denver Colorado to spend a day. And then to Ogden and Salt Lake City for a day or two to see friends and then to meet us at Pendleton.
We now return to where I stopped on the 18th. It was a beautiful sun shine morning and we stopped at Shandon for five minutes 10.15 reached Kings Hill 11.15 and made a short stop at Mountain Home at 12.50 pm.
At two o’clock and 15 minutes we stopped at Nampa and changed some cars for Bois City. Arrived at Huntington 4.45 pm and left for Pendleton 5.15. Arrived at Pendleton 10.45 pm and in 15 minutes we were at the home of our daughter Mrs A J Owen and after some refreshments etc we retired at midnight glad to rest in a steady bed.
We enjoyed the visit with our daughter Mrs A J Owen and husband and their son Walter until Monday July 23rd.

On Sunday 22nd

We attended the Church Services and S. School with our daughter “who was organist” and her husband who was choir leader. The Minister Rev John Wren preached in the morning from the words,
He shall give his Angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy way.
The evening text was,
Chase you this day whom you will serve.
Very excellent discourse.
So ended July 22nd.
Arthur joined us at Pendleton. Saturday night 10.40 after a nice stop over at Salt Lake City.

Monday July 23rd

10 am we left Pendleton for Portland and arrived 5.45 pm. George met us at the Depot while Lillie and dau. had a nice roast of veal ready at their home for us when we came which we greatly enjoyed. After resting and talking of our journey we retired for the night.