The Travels of John Prideaux through the U.S. and the U.K. in 1900

The journal is the property of Pamela Prideaux of Portland, Oregon and her family.  I have permission to copy it here and allow some fascinating insights into the means of travel in the year 1900. Pamela is the granddaughter of George Prideaux who stayed behind in Portland while his parents, John and Jane (Mamma) and their eldest son Arthur John (later to become a lauded School Principal) went to the UK by train and ship and used so many forms of transport on their trip that they are worth mentioning.
Street Car.
Ferry boat.
Pony and trap.

The family grew up in Milwaukie, Oregon and had a wonderful childhood. There was also a sister to Arthur and George called Katherine, who married a cattle rancher in Terrebonne, Oregon.Their children Stewart and John and family still run the ranch as a B&B and wedding venue and dude ranch. It is apparently a wonderful place to stay.
John and his family take us from Portland to New York and then to Liverpool. Soon we arrive in Devon and from there to Cornwall and spend several weeks visiting their friends and family and learn fascinating insights in the way people lived, worked and socialised during the last couple of years of the reign of Queen Victoria.
I have only altered spellings where I felt necessary and kept the rest. Some names (people and place) may be incorrect, but I was trying to decipher work written 117 years ago. If you see that a name is incorrect, then please let me know.

The journals will now follow as a series.
I am more than grateful that this particular branch of the Prideaux family has given us all the chance to follow their travels and learn about what it was like in America and Cornwall during the year 1900.