Lady Clara Vyvyan

There are several articles on the website about the life and times of Lady Clara Vyvyan, aka C C Rogers. James MacLaren, also featured on the website was her brother in law. Lady Clara features heavily in the new book The Stone Mansion by A A Prideaux, which will be released in 2020.

Lady Clara Vyvyan in her 20's

It only took opening and beginning to read the first chapter of The Old Place by C C Vyvyan before I was hooked. I have read everything of hers that I can get my hands on – several times and never tire of her words.

Clara Vyvyan can take the reader into her circle and experience her life alongside her. One feels as though one knows her friends and associates and could enter into a conversation with them quite comfortably upon first meeting.

Clara Vyvyan later in her life

Following my original article on Lady Clara, I came into further information which I shall detail here. I also have been given permission to share some memories from her surviving great nephews. Hopefully these new stories will help to illustrate Clara’s character and relationships with her family. You may care to read the original article  in order to obtain more background and dates, which I do not feel necessary to repeat here.