The Travels of John Prideaux in 1900. Portland to New York.

The Travels of John Prideaux, his wife Jane and son Arthur John in 1900. Portland to New York.

April 28th

Left Portland, Oregon on 9.15 train a.m. by way of Pendleton. Arrive opposite Lyle Wash at 12.15 am. Colored waiter just passed through car calling out first call for lunch. We have just had our luncheon. 12.30 Now at The Dalles. Stopped two minutes, then moved on two blocks and stopped for the Portland Train to pass. Then backed up and got on the main line. Stopped again and Arthur has gone to the other end of the car. Mamma is trying to sleep leaning against the window on my duster. I am by her side. Left The Dalles ten to one pm. Stopped at a sandy place called Briggs 1.30 and 1.35 we stopped at a little sandy place called Bealock. Arrived at Arlington 2.32 pm. A nice little village with one good street and shade trees. Stopped at Heppner Junction 2.50. Then as we passed a lovely strip of flat rock and sandy country. Mamma and I had a half sleep. Arthur would read, sleep and amuse himself fine, stepping off the train and nearly every stopping place. In sight of the Columbia River since we left Heppner. Arrived at Umatilla at seven minutes to 4 and left at 4pm. Stepped off the cars and looked around, lovely sunshine all day. As we passed Umatilla the last sight of the Columbia River on our left on account of the great hills covered with sage brush. On our right hand there was a large creek for a short distance and scattered houses for many miles.
We stopped at Echo at 4.35 a growing village halfway between Umatilla and Pendleton.
We arrived at Pendleton at 5.30 pm and found my son in-law Mr A J Owen, my daughter Kate B and Walter their son waiting to welcome us at their house. At 6 pm we all got down and enjoyed a nice roast for dinner and spent a very pleasant evening and sent a Postal Card to George my son.

Sunday April 29th

Got up at 6.30 and took a walk with Mamma before breakfast and mailed a Postal Card to my daughter Lillie H Batcheller and walked over the bridge that crossed the Umatilla River from there to the hills by the School House and came into breakfast at 8.30 o’clock. After playing a while on my daughter’s organ we all went to the Methodist Episcopal Church and heard an excellent sermon preached by Rev. John Uben from Jeremiah 6 and16 verse. We enjoyed a short visit with Rev Uben after service. We having known each other from our boyhood days.
At 1.30 we had a nice chicken dinner at our daughter’s Mrs A JK Owens. At 4pm Rev My Uben and other friends of my daughter Mrs Owen called to see me. We greatly enjoyed Mr J Ubens visit he and I being acquainted in our youthful days.
5.40 Us three left Pendleton by train for N York. We were escorted to the station by my son in law, his wife and two sons Clyde and Walter who waited to see us off and also Rev Mr Uben the Methodist Minister at Pendleton. We greatly enjoyed our short stay at our daughter’s and son in laws and I had a nice time at the organ.
We stopped 5.45 for two minutes at Bingham Springs following the Umatilla River all the way. At 7.35 we stopped 5 minutes and started with two engines 6 miles west of Meehem and in a valley between the Blue Mountains. We engaged sleeper from Pendleton to Chicago send slept poorly Sunday night.
Got up at 5am Monday morning April 30 and made a short stop at Glens Ferry at that time, their followed along Snake River for a short distance (it being on our right) as we travelled south through a barren waste country and then gradually turned to the east.
We next stopped at Wapi and from there mailed a card to our daughter at Pendleton. At Wapi we passed a train on its way to Portland.

April 30th

At 7 am, Mrs Prideaux, Arthur and myself enjoyed our first breakfast on the train. Cold chicken and ham sandwich and hot tea. At 10.30 we left Pocatella from whence we mailed a Postal Card to George. We are all well, Mamma is just gone to lie down in the sleeper and Arthur seems to enjoy the ride watching the scenery on both sides.
3pm. We were at Mount Pialia and passed Cogvill at 4pm and stopped at Nugged 4.30. About 5pm we passed through a long dark tunnel and at 5.30 stopped at a place called Crimmer. Then after five minutes run we stopped at a mining town called Disucomulvill and at 6.30 we arrived at Granger where we made a 5 minutes stop. We are only six in this sleeper tonight, four less than last night.
We have spent a very pleasant day and had our supper six o’clock. We have had plenty of room, not been crowded.

Tuesday morning May 1st

Got up at 6 o’clock. Snow all around us. Mamma faint and sick. Reached Cheyanne at 7.05 am and left 7.55. 8.15 Arthur, Mamma, and I had our breakfast, then Mamma went and lay down again and got better. At 10.30 am we arrived at Potter Neb and stopped at Sidney at 11 o’clock for 3 minutes and arrived a Julesbury 11.30. Stopped 5 minutes, a good stock raising country town. At 3pm we arrived at North Platte with a broken car wheel which delayed us 1 ½ hours at which place we moved our watches forth one hour. We did the same at Huntington. I sent a Postal Card to Mr J Forth from North Platte. Train passed us at North Platte for Portland. It was a lovely day and the sun shone quite bright while we waited to have our broken car put off and another put on. I wrote letter to George and Arthur wrote to Lillian. Arrived at Kerney 6.30 pm and had our supper at that time. 7.30 We stopped at Grand Island Nebraska.

May 2nd

Got up at 6 o’clock at which time we passed Tama. At 7 am we stopped at Cedar Rapids and took on Dining Car. At 8 o’clock we ate our breakfast and are all well. The number of our Sleeper is 1006. We were running very fast all last night and this morning at the rate of 60 miles an hour to make up lost time. It is a lovely flat country. (Our sleep was broken last night.) We crossed the Miss. River at 9.15 and entered Illinois.
Arrived at Chicago 12.30 pm May 2nd 1990. We took car to Saratoga Hotel had dinner 1.30 and stopped there last night. After dinner, we went through to YMCA Buildings then we went to the Auditorium and saw it. Mamma waited while Arthur and I rode to the top of the high tower and took a look at Chicago but it rained so fast we saw but little. We then took Mrs Prideaux to see the Auditorium Hotel and through the underground tunnel across the street to the other part of the Hotel. After supper, we all went again to the Auditorium to the opening service of the Methodist Episcopal Church General Conference and while waiting for the doors to be opened there were several Gospel songs sung in which we joined. The Conference opened by the organist playing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus on a large Pipes Organ hid from view. Then was sung from a tenor voice Peace, peace, wonderful peace etc. The programme was short after which Bishop Merrill addressed the Conference at length. After which Arthur wrote George and sent him a Programme of Conference and also wrote Rev H B Atchison. I sent a paper and Programme to my daughter at Pendleton. We greatly enjoyed ourselves in Chicago.

May 3rd

Got up at 6 am and us three had breakfast at the Thompson Restaurant on State Street. (“Dr and Mrs Rasmus called to see us on May 2nd at the Saratoga Hotel at 3 pm and we were glad to see them.”) Then from Hotel we took Street Car on Adams Street for Steam depot and left Chicago at 10.30 am. Reached Tougue Point Indiana at 1.45 pm. Passed Bunker Hill at 2.20. Passed Union City at 4.50 pm. Arrived a Columbus Ohio at 8 pm and stopped 20 minutes.

May 4th

Arrived at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1.40 am and stopped under an iron building for 15 minutes. Reached Johnstown at 4 am. May 4th at 5.15 am We rode along by Junadau River and crossed the Susquehanna River at 9.30 and stopped at Harrisburg 9.35 am for 15 minutes. Arthur and I got off and walked the Platform. We arrived at Broad Street Philadelphia 12.05 noon and made a short stop. At 2.35 pm. We arrived at New York and went to St Denis Hotel on 11 and Broadway and had dinner then went and changed some money for English. Then Mrs P, Arthur J and myself went to see the YMCA with its many rooms, swimming tanks, Gymnasium and many other things. Then we took Fourth Ave Car for Brooklyn Bridge and saw the big crowds coming from every section of the Bridge. We then walked half way across and returned, it was so windy and rainy. We were glad to get back 6.30 pm. We took Car for St Denis Hotel, straightened up the day’s business and retired early.

May 5th

Breakfasted at 7.15 am. Took car at 8.15 for Steam Ship Lucania and went onboard 8.45 for Liverpool